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october 4

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STEP 1: bid at the auction

STEP 2: look for an email invoice that says you won

STEP 3: we can charge your credit card, just let us know what the 3 magic numbers are or you can pay cash, debit or etransfer

STEP 4: call or email and let us know when you are picking up your stuff so we can get it ready. If you want it shipped make sure your address is correct on the invoice

STEP 5: come and get your stuff

online auction calgary

Did you

know we 

have sound during our live auction? Well, we do! After click BID LIVE to join the action, don't forget to press play so you can hear Rick and Anna chatting during the auction. Sometimes we're funny, but mostly we're informative. Don't miss the Wednesday night chatter.

We are still planning having live on site sales, but there will only be a couple a year. Sometimes we get a call to liquidate a complete estate and having a live sale sometimes is the best option. Check our website often for upcoming sales or call us if you are looking to sell your estate.

Rick Koftinoff

Rick as been in business since 1995. Come in and ask him about his vacuum sales days.

Anna nolin

Anna keeps our details in order. She's also our other online auctioneer. 

We are Calgary's premier storage locker auction company.  If you've seen Storage Wars then you'll know what to expect, we roll up the door and sell the contents. How fun would it be to dig out some gold, a pile of cash or someones dirty socks. If you're looking for the ultimate thrill of an auction, Calgary storage wars may be the place for you. online auction auction calgary

october 11


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september 27


Online Auction 

Storage locker auction

John Macinnis

When he's not mastering our inventory, he's helping out with the Kinsmen. Ask him about Stampede.

Meet Our Team


Selling items through Rick's Auction is easy. To sell items at an upcoming sale it's best to email pictures of your items to us or you could call the office and talk to one of our staff. If we are interested in selling your items, we will coordinate a drop off time for you to bring your items to our warehouse. Your items will be photographed and listed online. When your items sell we will deduct our commission and send you a cheque for the proceeds.

What's better than bidding from home? Nothing.

We are excited to be online! We have auctions EVERY Wednesday and you can listen to your favorite auctioneer from the comfort of your own home. The sale is cataloged and you can place absentee bids online or bid live with us at 6:00 pm every week. If you're new to online, come into the office and discuss it with Anna. She can help you set up an account and show you how easy it is to bid. We will also continue to take absentee bids the old fashioned paper way. online auction auction calgary

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